July 1st, 2020 - Updated


Young Robbins Music Studio Online Recital Program

We are honoring 2 graduating seniors this year!

  • Clarisa Duvvuri (0:10): Nocturn in Eb Major by Chopin, Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
  • Tyler Billing (8:51): Prelude in Bb Major by Bach, Serenade by E. Haberbrier, Toccata by J. Bastian
  • Caleb So (15:37): Rag Time by C. Norton, Pyrenese Melody by M. Clementi
  • Rebecca Chen (17:30): Jazz! Goes the Weasel by Rebekah Maxner
  • Chris Chen (18:14): German Dance in D Major by J. Haydn, Angel Fish by A. Gaudet
  • Olivia Messoine (20:25): Minuet in G BWV.114 by C. Petzold, A Little Song by D. Kabalevsky
  • Victoria Miyamoto (22:11): Variations on a Russian Folksong by I. Berkovich, Etude in C Major by C. Czerny
  • Rachael Lee (24:14): March in D by J. Bach
  • Ella Kim (25:14): Silent Moon, Etude in D Minor
  • Mia Yi (27:19): March in D by Bach, Reflections by D. Alexander
  • Gavin Li (30:17): Sonata 1, 2 and 3 by Bartok / Rhapsodi by M. Eckstine
  • Eva Meteev (39:00): Clown by D. Kabalesky, Minuet in G Major by Bach
  • Sofia Duvvuri (40:11): Minuet in D by J. Bach, Sonatina in C 2nd Movt.Op.36 #1 by Clementi
  • Sophia Miyamoto (42:33): Prelude in C Major by Bach, Sonatina in F Major No1 Scherzo by A. Diabelli
  • Nicoli Nguyen (44:06): Ballad by Burgmuller, A Warlike Dance by D. Kabalevsky
  • Garland Tague (46:31): Prelude in F Major BWV.927 / Prelude in C Major. BWV.845
  • Christian Guimet (47:21): Sonatina in C. Op.55 #1by Kuhlau
  • Tan Vu (49:33): Invention in D minor #4 by JS. Bach, Sailor’s Song by E. Grieg
  • Jamie Lee (52:29): Evening in the Country by Bartok
  • Austin Ramirez (55:04): Polonaise in g minor by Chopin, Bagatelle #1 by Techerepinin
  • Christopher Hong (57:01): Prelude in G major & G minor by Rachmaninoff
  • Karina Duvvuri (1:04:25): Invention 13 by J. Bach, Sonata in G by Mozart
  • Isabella Liu (1:09:13): Sonata in B flat by Mozart
  • Emanuel Diaz (1:14:21): Fantasy Impromptu by F. Chopin
  • Shiqi Li (1:19:40): Etude-Tableau Op.33, no. 8 by S. Rachmaninoff
Congratulations to Clarisa and Tyler! It has been a most challenging but very important life marking-time that you happened live through with this Covid-19 to remember your senior year! With my over 35 years giving my seniors a farewell recital, this is the first one ever recognized and performed online, but with the circumstances, at least we can do it in this way in our technical world. I admire you both and have been so glad to be a small part of your life, and thankful for the inspirations you gave me. It is my honor to have you both you in my studio, and I give my best wishes for your college years. Live them fully! I have awarded each of you $300 each, Congratulations!!!

Scholarships: $300 CAPMT senior recognitions:
  • $100 each (this year due to no auditions, amt is minimum)
  • Robbins' Music Studio Scholarship: $200 each

Hi, I am Clarisa Duvvuri. Music has always been a vital part of my life. To me, piano is a place of consolation and familiarity. It is a huge part of who I am and what I give to others. It has been the greatest blessing and the fact that I will be able to take it wherever I go in the future makes me very happy.  I am going to be attending University of Dallas in Irving, Texas, to do a major in accounting and a minor in piano. In this way, I hope to continue my academic progress, while having piano to remind me of home. Some of my musical accomplishments in high school are that I have gotten Student of the Year (‘19) and have participated in the Certificate of Merit for levels 4,5, & 7. I have also gotten academic awards such as, California Scholarship Federation, Seal of Biliteracy, and Honorable Contributions. I could not have done anything without the constant support of my family and Ms. Robbins, who is the best teacher ever (I may or may not be biased;), and who has taught me so much about discipline and sacrifice. I am so blessed to have gotten this far and I couldn’t be more excited for the next season of my life:)

I began learning piano at the age of four and I have been continuing to branch out my musical career since then. I picked up the guitar in 2nd grade and began learning Oboe in 6th grade to join the school band. From a young age, I have integrated music into my everyday life as much as I could. From joining jazz bands and marching bands at school to progressing through the Certificate of Merit Evaluations, I make sure that I am always occupied with music. In my free time, I also enjoy listening to my vinyl records and learning to record and mix my own music. In my last year of high school, I have decided to focus on my piano skills and push myself as far as I can before I leave for college. Currently I am enrolled at UCSD and will be working on a major in Chemistry during my time there and I hope to retain the musical abilities that I have nurtured over the years and continue to perfect them as I continue forward.

May 25th, 2020 - Updated

Latest news & events (Winter 2019 - Spring 2020)

Wow!!! We were very busy during the winter months until Covid-19 stopped us from moving forward. Congratulations to all participants and great job all of you! If I missed your name, please let me know ASAP!

-Young Robbins

January 18, 2020: Invitation to the Celebration of Excellence at University of Southern California for receiving  "High Honors" for RCM EXAM. High Honors participants: Caleb So, Chris Chen, Rebecca Chen, Ella Kim, Victoria and Sophia Miyamoto (Nicoli Nguyen, Sofia Duvvuri,-Not in the picture)

- Jamie Lee received "high honor superior ratings for her performance through Association Christian School International Music Festival (ACSI) this year.

Feb. 1, 2020: Southern Festival Participants at the LA. Harbor College: Received Top Scores from the judge: Gavin Li, Victoria Miyamoto and Sophia Miyamoto

Feb. 15, 2020: Honors and Contemporary Competition: Mia Yi (Division A 1st place), Gavin Li (Division B, Contemporary 2nd place), Christopher Hong (Division C, Contemporary 2nd, Honors 3rd ), Emanuel Diaz (Division C, Honors 2nd).

Feb. 28, 2020: International Piano Festival Winner's Concert at the Encinitas Library: Mia Yi, Gavin Li, Christopher Hong.

Feb. 29, 2020: International Workshop Participants: Caleb So, Victoria Miyamoto, Olivia Messoline, Rebecca Chen, Sofia Duvvuri

Feb. 29, 2020: International Master Class  Participants: Shiqi Li, Christopher Hong, Emanuel Diaz, Clarisa Duvvuri

Feb. 29, 2020: CAPMT Winter Festival: Participants: Christian Guimet, Bella Liu, Eunna Song,, Austin Ramirez, Tan Vu

CAPMT Sonata Competition: Caleb So (Div.1-2nd place), Mia Yi, Sophia Miyamoto, Gavin Li ( Div.2-2nd), Emanuel Diaz ,Christopher Hong Div.3- 1st place).

March 1, 2020: International Competition Winner Category C at Steinway Sons & Co at San Diego- 1st place: Christopher Hong

March 7, 2020 Bach/ Baroque Festival & Competition: Caleb So (HM) Ella Kim (HM), Victoria Miyamoto (2nd),Sophia Miyamoto, Sofia Duvuuri,(3rd). Mia Yi (Move up to Regional), Christopher Hong (Move up to Regional)

M, RCM-Due to the COV-19 Exam has been delayed until now with online remote exam is in progress through May, June & July.

CM, RCM Participants: online remote test is going on in May and June.

Best wishes to all below participants!

CM participants: Tyler Billing (L 10,) Bella Liu (L9), Karina Duvvuri (L8), Emanuel Diaz (L8), AustinRamirez (L6), Jamie Lee (L6), Eunna Song (L5)

RCM Participants: Caleb So, Rebecca Chen, Chris Chen, Sophia Miyamoto, Victoria Miyamoto, Sofia Duvvuri, Mia Yi, Eva Mateev, Ella Kim, Gavin Li, Rachael Lee

March 7th, 2020

Bach / Baroque Festival & Competition

Feb 1 - 29, 2020

February Events

Celebration of Excellence (2/1/2020), State Southern Festival (2/1/2020), Contemporary Competition (2/15/2020), International Young Artist Concert (2/28/2020), Sonata Festival (2/29/2020)

November, 2019

November Events

Piano and Ensemble Auditions (11/2/19), Piano Super Saturday: International Festival and Competition (11/8/19-11/9/19), Vladimir Khomyakov Piano Recital (9/22)

September 29, 2019

September Recital & Master class with Maestro Lanzo Luconi

June-July 2019

June and July Events

June Spotlight Concert @ MOMM Carlsbad (6/30/19), University of Costa Rica & Concert at the Costa Rica Tennis Club (7/7/2019)