Studio Policies

Learn more about what is expected from our students.

Tuition and fees

- Free 45 minute consultation/evaluation lesson.
- Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month and no later than the 10th of the month.
- After the 10th, you will be charged a late fee of $25.00
- Occasional workshops will be provided.
- Annual Registration Fee: $100.00, due on the month lessons are started. (Goes towards awards, facilities, CM practice tests, etc.)

Common Q&As

Frequently asked questions about lessons and scheduling.

What if I am sick or have a conflict of schedule?

One (1) make-up lesson is available each quarter if I am notified by 11:00am on the day of the lesson. No tuition reductions or refunds will be given for missed lessons unless I have to cancel a lesson.

I am going on a vacation. Do I still pay for my lesson(s)?

Regular Months (September first half of June): You can use my make up schedule to replace up to 1 lessons/quarter.
Summer Months (Second half of June - August): July 4th and Labor Day weeks are off. Up to 2 consecutive additional weeks may be taken without paying. Will work it out on an individual bases during the Summer.

Those who are taking a CM or RCM exam are required to take at least 8 out of 12 lessons over the summer due to the vigorous nature of learning to prepare for these programs.

How long should I expect for my son or daughter to practice?

It depends on your child’s level and the goal to achieve for each lesson. Generally speaking, I would expect them to practice for at least 1 hour+ each day.
Parents: always set the bar high. Do not make excuses for them, and avoid distractions. Not only are we teaching them music, but also good discipline for their life habits.

My main concern is that it’s better to have good quality practice rather than just running through things quickly without a time limit. I always tell my young students: If you repeat “2x4=12”. then you will memorize it but it is still wrong, and is actually more harm than no practice at all! Follow my guide and practice hints, and do exactly practice the given assignment.

So after the lesson, please go over the material very carefully and slowly practice for about 3 days, and then when you start feeling comfortable and confident, put it all together to make beautiful notes and sounds! Also, always use your best music friend, the “metronome”, before and during practice to keep the right tempo. I will always set the tempo at the lesson for you to later practice. To improve your skills, be precise and detailed in your practice. I would like to invest my time to those who wants to learn music.